ASA-Calendar 2016
Format: 480 x 480 mm
Price: € 15,- + Forwarding charges

ASA's new line of Cassegrain and Richtey Chrétien Systems

Cassegrain and RC telescopes are used by professional observatories, research institutions and universities. The most famous telescope in the world, the hubble space telescope - uses the Ritchey–Chrétien (RC) design. The telescopes which ASA has on offer - a design by Astrooptik Philipp Keller - have since years been considered the reference class in the professional and semi-professional area. [Read more]

ASA Remote Observatory:
Asteroid 2012 DA14

On Friday evening asteroid 2012 DA14 skimmed closer to our planet than any other known asteroid. The best Video of this event was taken by the ASA Remote controlled Observatory in Spain. Here one can see what a direct drive mount is able to do.

ARTE film crew at ASA in Freistadt

A French film crew was on 23th November at ASA for a new contribution.
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News on our Website

  • The new ASA-highlight: AZ800
    The new AZ800 attracting large numbers of visitors. Whether at the SPIE in Amsterdam or on the AME in Germany, the AZ800 is the eye-catcher. [Read more]

  • Accurate tracking with MLPT
    MLPT is the current state of the art software to control ASA DDM mounts to render external guiding. [Read more]