Testimonial: Es ist unglaublich, ich kann mit meiner DDM60 und meinem 14 f5 SCT ohne Guiding über lange Belichtungszeiten fehlerlos arbeiten! Dale Liebenberg, Südafrika


ASA Direct Drive Mount DDM60/DDM60 PRO

The ASA DDM60 is the entry level product of ASA's mount series and is especially designed as a portable device for astrophotographers working in the field. The mount – like her two "bigger sisters" – comes with all the features you would expect of a professional telescope mount!

Currently the smallest available member of ASA's mount series, the DDM60 was specially developed with the prime focus on transportability and stability (4 tapered roller bearings). This is mirrored in the light weight of the coordinate axes which only weights 19kg without the counterweight shaft.

The build-in laser and supplied software allow for an exact positioning of the mount in only a couple of minutes time. Setting up the mount in the dark is a breeze, due to a well thought out telescope mount adapter, which allows for a secure and fast attachment of the telescope to the mount. Since direct drive motors usually have a high power consumption rate, ASA developed its own low consumption motors together with a well established German company. The mount can easily be operated all night long on a single 12V car battery. Even during fast slews, the mount will not use more than 1 to 2 amperes.

The DDM60 is available as a standard or professional model version. The PRO-version comes with a 3-Port USB Hub in the Dec axis, two extra galvanically separated power lines (to power up your camera, filter wheel aso.) as well as an extra data line that can be utilized for serial data connections. All cables are pulled through the hollow axis of the mount, so that tangling of cables can be prevented during operations.

Including in Delivery:
Controlsoftware Autoslew by Dipl. Phys. Phillip Keller
Sequence Software
1 pcs Counterweight 2,6 kg
1 pcs Counterweight 5,2 kg
1 pcs Counterweight shaft standard 300 mm (optional other shaft available)
1 pcs Telescope base plate 240 mm (optional other shaft available)
1 pcs Mount base plate
1 pcs Power cord with banana jack
2 pcs USB-cable - 1,8 m

Optional Accessories: Accessories DDM60

DDM60: On request

ASA DDM60 Datasheet

DDM60 PRO: On request

ASA DDM60 PRO Datasheet