ASA-Calendar 2015
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September 2014 • Astronomy Show AME,
Villingen-Schwenningen (Germany)

At Astronomy show AME at Villingen-Schwenningen/Germany, the winners of the ASA Photo Contest 2014 which was organized in collaboration with the magazine "Sterne und Weltraum" were announced and the prices given to the participants.

Like every year, there were many interested parties who provided information about our products at the ASA booth.

July 2014 • Dr. Emil Pera is a very confident ASA customer and is very happy with his DDM 60 mount

"Thanks for help. My presentation at the " starparty" went smoothly as the ASA mount when moving. Everyone as surprised to see the mount moving that fast without any noise. We even had a "speed contest" (meridian flip) ASA DDM60 vs 10micron 1000HPS ... which i am proud to say that the DDM60 mount won by little more than 2 seconds. Here is a group photo with almost everyone standing around ASA mount.

And my last picture with 22.5 hours of data - 17 hours of luminance and 5,5 hours of RGB. For the RGB data I was helped by a friend of mine Sabin Fota. The setup for luminance and 3,5 h of the color data: ASA DDM 60, FLI ML 8300, newton 200mm and ASA Korrr2. My friend used a Losmandy G11, 90 mm WO refractor, and JTW 600D camera."

The international ASA-Astrophotography competition

Get involved by entering your images to win great prizes in value of more than EUR 15000 at the joint photo competition of Astrosysteme Austria (ASA) and Germans Sterne und Weltraum magazine (SuW)!


Category »Landscape Astrophotography«:

1. Award: CCD-Camera FLI ML 8300
2. Award: ASA 3-Inch-Wynne-Corrector
3. Award: 200-Euro-Voucher from ASA and one rollable star chart Cassini from SuW

Category »Deep-Sky-Object«:
1. Award: Direct Drive Mount DDM60 PRO
2. Award: ASA 3-Inch-Wynne-Corrector
3. Award: 200-Euro-Voucher from ASA and one rollable star chart Cassini from SuW

Category »Astronomy Club«:
1. Award: Remote-Session with the 32-Inch-Telescope from Keller-ASA at Chile
2. Award: Visit at ASA with program (own arrivel)
3. Award: 200-Euro-Voucher from ASA and one rollable star chart Cassini from SuW

Among all players we will raffle of 15 ASA calendar as well as 15 SuW – magazine abos.

Information and Registration (only in German language)

March 2014 • ASA produce his largest telescope so far intended for the Astronomical Observatory Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

This azimuthally mounted 1,4 meter RC telescope will be operated with the approved ASA Direct Drive Technology as well as ASA software for robotic use. This assignment qualifies reliability and workmanship of ASA. All experience gained in numerous projects in the past will find its positive precipitation in this project. Completion is planned for summer 2015.

February 2014 • Installation of the ASA DDM 160 mount at Ege University, Turkey

ASA technical staff helps to setup and install the new ASA DDM 160 mount locally. The telescope used with this mount is a 16" Meade SC equipped with an Apogee CCD camera.

January 2014 • Amateur Astronomers report the discovery of low surface bright dwarfs near Galaxy NGC 4631

At first, a wide-field image of the galaxy was derived by Dirk Bautzmann, Bad Schwartau/Germany. A diffuse feature 20' northwest from NGC 4631 unknown before was revealed. Then, Bruno Mattern from Hamburg/Germany identified this feature on his deep wide-field frame obtained earlier. Later, Robert Pölzl, Lieboch/Austria and Fabian Neyer, Zürich/Switzerland took follow-up images of this region. The diffuse object was confirmed again. It is called it N4631dw1. About 5' north of the NGC 4631 core and 3'north-north-east of NGC 4627, another diffuse object was found, smaller in size and likely an extremely faint dwarf galaxy, called N4631dw2. About 10' south-east of the NGC 4631centre, yet a third faint object is visible, N4631dw3, looking like a dwarf spheroid galaxy.

Team of Discovery: Dirk Bautzmann, Fabian Neyer, Robert Pölzl, Peter Riepe, Thorsten Zilch, Bruno Mattern (TBG Group in the German amateur association), Igor D. Karachentsev (Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

ASA High Tech Mounts involved: Dirk Bautzmann and Robert Pölzl are using an ASA DDM85 mount for discovery.

Detailed report

November 2013 • ARTE film crew at ASA in Freistadt

A French film crew was on 23th November at ASA for a new contribution. What is the fascinating to see in the sky? On this issue ARTE interviewed our ASA optical designer Philipp Keller. He was explicating his way from amateur astronomer to a builder of large telescopes. His way from the first hand-cut mirror 25 cm up to 80 cm remote telescope in Chile. The interview at ASA should show the watcher what possibility offers the new technologies for an amateur astronomer? Technologies such ASA Direct Drive, encoder and full remote observatory are no fictions for amateurs.

The interview was recorded and will be broadcast in the fall of 2014.