Sequence feature: Faster success with MLPT!

MLPT (Local Multi-Precision Tracking) is currently the fastest method for ASA DDM mounts to precisely tracking without autoguider. With MLPT automatically a "local" pointing model will created to ensure a particular celestial object tracking a blind without autoguiding. The operation is quite easy to achieve success in a few minutes and in three easy steps:

1.) About the planetarium software a celestial object is approached. In Sequence (* included in delivery) will entered, the total recording time and the number of individual images.

2.) By pressing the "start" button, sequence do some shooting, the images dissolve into a star map and calculates a local pointing model for tracking without autoguider (called blind guiding). With the button "Send to Autoslew" the data is forwarded to Autoslew and precise tracking takes place.

3.) The camera control (for example MaximDL) will set the automatic recording and start the recording sequence.

So an automation for mounts in the field without much effort is possible. The mount moves to the highest precision, the tracking is independent of guide stars, and it requires no autoguider. Therefore, the mount stay in place even if accurate, if draw clouds in the field or short wind gusts push the telescope.

NGC7635, Image by Wolfgang Promper Tal Faibish, Harel Boren and Kfir Simon
in the desert

* MLPT runs in conjunction with Autoslew and Sequence. Both applications are included in the delivery. Sequence also requires MaximDL4 or higher, and Pinpoint(not included). Pinpoint must installed as full version. That integrated MaximDL astrometry Pinpoint-Add IN is not sufficient, because is not accessible via ASCOM.